Price List

On-line Stock Orders

  • From $499 and up per system.
  • Sizing base of hairpiece to desired size or sizing hairpiece to desired length: $85 for each sizing service, or $95 for both; $175 for each sizing service for full-cap wigs, or $195 for sizing both base and hair length. 

Normal Custom Orders

  • From $1500 and up per system for normal custom orders, which are defined as orders with normal size and normal length, i.e., hairpieces with less than 6" long hair and 7" x 9" base area, and medium density.
  • Additional costs for larger base, longer hair length and other features:
    • Base size: over 7" x 9" and up to 8 1/2" x 10 1/2", add $75.00 per system; up to a full-cap wig, add $675 per system.
    • Custom hairpiece base or fronts made of French lace: add $75 per system; for full-cap wigs, add $190 per system.
    • Human hair gray: add $75 per system; full-cap wigs, add $225 per system.
    • Remy human hair: add $75 per system; full-cap wigs, add $225 per system.
    • European human hair: add $375 and up per system; wigs add $575.
    • Cutting hair to specified length: add $75 for each hairpiece; $175 for each full-cap wig.
    • Longer hair: please see the Longer Hair for Custom Orders and Repairs section.
  • Custom orders take about 12 to 16 weeks; rush orders take about 8 to 10 weeks; add $75.00 for rush orders price may vary. NHMW is not responsible for delays in delivery by manufacturer

Repair Service

  • $200 and up per system.
  • Add $85 for extra heavy density; add $225 for full-cap wigs. If more then 80% of hair is missing, it will be considered a custom order and priced accordingly.

Hair Injection Systems

      Custom orders only; $1499 per system.

Longer Hair for Custom Orders and Repairs

  • 8”:     Add $80 per system
  • 10”:   Add $90 per system
  • 12”:   Add $120 per system
  • 14”:   Add $140 per system
  • 16”:   Add $170 per system
  • 18”:   Add $210 per system
  • 20”:   Add $250 per system
  • 22”:   Add $290 per system

Please note that all the aforementioned prices are the unit prices for the cost of the goods or services only. Shipping and applicable insurance costs are additional.