Lace Front Support Blue Liner Hairpiece Tape (Contour C)

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One of the best tapes available on the market for lace front and all-lace hairpieces and wigs, the Blue Liner Lace Front Support Tape is a must have for anyone wearing a lace-based hair system. The tape has a blue backing on one side, hence its name.  

A very popular product, this thin, transparent, double-sided tape is famous for its matte finish that leaves no shine. Additionally, its high tack provide for a secure hold for up to 3-4 weeks, which is great for active person and those who enjoy swimming. The tape is medical grade and odor free, and has built-in bacteria control. It is also very easy to work with.

The tape comes in different contours. This pack is Contour C and has 36 pieces; each piece is ¾” wide and 3” long. The tape is also available in rolls of various size.

Directions and Recommendations: Remove the WHITE side of the tape backing and adhere to base of hair system; tape can be cut in the middle to manually adjust the contour for deeper recession or curve. Then remove the BLUE tape backing and adhere to scalp. For sensitive skin and to increase adhesion on oily skin and in hot, humid weather, first wipe skin with alcohol, let dry and apply Scalp Protector and let dry before applying tape.

Removal: Use Lace Release for lace bases to release the tape from unit and use C-22 Citrus Solvent to clean adhesive residue from scalp and wig or hair system.

Please note that although the hold is up to 3-4 weeks, actual attachment time varies depending on factors such as body oil, temperature and humidity. Scape Protector can help increase adhesion. 

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