Rolls with Holes Extenda Bond 3/4"x40' Roll w/ Breathable Holes

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If you are looking for an adhesive tape that provides a strong, long-lasting hold, yet allows your skin to breathe, and is also water- and sweat- proof (yes to swimming and all the outdoor fun!), our best-selling “Rolls with Holes” Extenda-Bond adhesive tape may just be the right choice for you.

Extenda-Bond tape is a clear, double-sided and a very thin tape that provides a long and strong bond for all lace and skin bases, conventional hair systems and certain hair extensions. Extenda-Bond is also low shine, has breathable holes and is very easy to apply. It is our longest holding bonding tapes with an average hold of 4 weeks, with some clients getting an even longer hold.

Extenda-Bond is very strong on its own, so no glue is needed; however, a liquid soft bond (such as Mity Tite and Ultra Hold) can be used for an extra strong hold. Simply attach tape to hairpiece base, and apply glue to top of the tape and then attach to head.

Removal: Use Lace Release for lace or monofilament bases to release the tape from unit. Use C-22 Citrus Solvent, Lace Release or other tape/soft bond remover to clean adhesive residue from scalp and base.

Please note that attachment time varies from one individual to another depending on body chemistry and activity level. Due to the high bonding strength of the tape, it does take a little more effort that other tapes to remove and clean up. Additionally, although Extenda-Bond is a medical-grade tape and should not cause irritation.  For sensitive skin and to increase adhesion time on oily skin and in hot, humid weather, first wipe skin clean (with alcohol, if necessary), let dry and apply Scalp Protector and let dry before applying tape or adhesive.

Brand-new wigs and hair systems should be washed before first use to remove any chemicals the manufacturer applied that may prevent tape and glue from sticking to the base.

This roll measures 3/4 inch x 40 feet. The tape also comes in 1 1/2" x 12' strips and packs of 1 1/2' x 3/4" Mini C contours. Note that this type of tape with holes is sold under many different names, most of them ending in Flex or Bond. They are all about the same and just sold by different companies.

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