Duplicate Your Hair System

Duplicate Your Hair System

Do you have a hair system that you love? We offer a hassle-free service to duplicate your current hair system, regardless of its size, base, or hair type. Simply complete our order form, providing any specific instructions you may have, and send us your current unit. Within 8 to 12 weeks, you'll receive a brand-new hair system that matches your existing one.

Please call 415-788-0711 if you have any questions regarding your order.


How to Duplicate Your Hairpiece:

  1. Send us your old hairpiece to duplicate the base and base size.
  2. Provide color samples. If you have multiple color samples to send, please label them correctly as Sample 1, Sample 2, and so forth. Also, mark on the order form where you want each of the hair color samples to be placed.
  3. Complete the order form to the best of your knowledge.

Mail the completed order form with your old hairpiece and any color samples to:

New Hair For Men And Women 490 Post Street, Suite 1505 San Francisco, CA 94102

We will call you to discuss the details upon receiving your order.


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