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Repair service:

  1. Repair service starting at $200.
  2. $85 fee for extra heavy density.
  3. $250 for full-cap wig repairs.
  4. Additional $45 for human gray.
  5. Repair services include adding hair.
  6. Reducing density.
  7. Bleaching knots on the underside of hair systems.
  8. Detangling matted hair systems or wigs, repairing any part of the base.
  9. Cleaning the hairpiece base and hair (an extra $75 fee applies for cleaning).
  10. Recoating the polyurethane and fixing tears or holes.
  11. The option to replace the front of your hairpiece with new lace or poly (an additional $45 fee applies).

How to Order Hairpiece Repair Service:

To request repair service, you can either visit our San Francisco location or download and print our order form. Please ensure that you complete the form thoroughly.

Mail the completed order form, along with your hairpiece and any color samples, to New Hair For Men and Women at 490 Post Street, Suite 1505, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Upon receiving your order, we will contact you to discuss the details. You can reach us via call or text at 415-788-0711 or via email at

Pricing for Longer Hair:

  • 8": Add $80 per system
  • 10": Add $90 per system
  • 12": Add $120 per system
  • 14": Add $140 per system
  • 16": Add $170 per system
  • 18": Add $210 per system
  • 20": Add $250 per system
  • 22": Add $290 per systeem
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