Box of Extenda-Bond Plus (100 Pieces of Adhesive Strips)

  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


Extenda-Bond Plus adhesive strips have double-sided adhesive, providing a strong and long-lasting hold for bonding all hair systems, hairpieces and extensions to your head. Extenda-Bond adhesive strips also go by other names such as Pro-Flex and Geo-Bond. Bonding time is up to 3–6 weeks (average 4 weeks but varies from one individual to another; the oilier the skin, the shorter the hold time). Each full-size, straight strip is 1 ½” wide and 12” long and can be cut into smaller tapes or down the middle to make two, ¾” wide x 12” long strips for perimeter or full-head bonding and extension attachments. This is the “original” hairpiece tape with holes – the holes let your scalp breath and make the tape easier to remove. Extenda-Bond Plus tapes are clear with low shine, and as thin as plastic wrap and provide a strong hold on extended wear and lace systems. They can also be used in combination with liquid adhesives such as Ultra Hold and Mity-Tite.

Removal & Clean-up: Use Lace Release to release adhesive for lace fronts or mesh bases. Apply C-22, a citrus-based solvent, to remove adhesive residue from scalp and hair systems.

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