Ultra-Hold Mini's

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Ultra-Hold Mini’s are the strongest holding tapes on the market, providing up to 6 weeks of hold. They use an acrylic-based adhesive suitable for all types of hair systems, including lace hairpieces, wigs and toupees. They are super flexible to move with skin.  They remove easily with solvents like C-22 or Lace Release (we carry both in our store), leaving no residue. Using advanced “fingerprint” technology, they are double-sided clear tapes with a matte finish for NO SHINE through lace bases. Since the tapes are waterproof, you can shampoo, swim and exercise with your hair system on.


Shaped like Extenda-Bond or Geo-Bond without the holes, they can be used alone or with Ultra-Hold glue or Mity-Tite for even stronger and longer hold.


Sizes: 3/4" x 3/4" per tape tab.


72 tape tabs per bag (36 strips with 2 tabs per strip).




Always do a skin test before using any new adhesive and tape: place small piece of tape behind ear or inside the arm, just below the bend. Leave on for up to 24 hours, checking for any signs of irritation. Remove immediately and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


For the best and longest hold, always start with clean, dry hair system and skin. Remove excess oil by wiping skin with rubbing alcohol where adhesive will be, then let dry before applying tape or glue. Apply Scalp Protector for longer hold time and to help protect skin from irritation.


Brand-new wigs and hair systems may need to be washed before use to remove manufacturing treatments that can irritate skin and interfere with tape or glue sticking.


*Hold time is only an estimate and varies from one individual to another (and 1 in 100 people may experience problems getting tape to reasonably stick to their scalp). Additionally, perspiration, humidity, body oils and other factors may all affect the adhesion time.

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