Walkers P.A.T Tape 18 Yard Roll

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs


P.A.T stands for Perimeter Attachment Tape. Walker’s P.A.T functions like the bond between hard bond glue and the hair system: you can stick this tape to the hair system so that you can glue the hair stubble to it. It has one sticky side and one slick side that is made to fuse to hard bond glue. P.A.T is a great product for those that do their own perimeter bonds. Please be advised that the tape should always be placed on the underside perimeter of the hairpiece before applying the adhesive, as the tape prevents the glue from seeping into the base and this makes the cleanup a breeze. One additional benefit: The fact that the tape is sticky on one side only makes it easier to work with. 

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