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AA, Contour Strips.ULTRA HOLD SUPPORT TAPE 36 strips per bag.
New on the Market 2012 Ultra Hold Tape
This tape is great!. It gives you stronger hold and this tape has no shine effect detected through your lace hair system. This tape is extremely easy to remove and leaves no adhesive residue on your lace. You can remove using any adhesive solvent like C-22 or Lace Release. Will not gum-up about 2-weeks hold with just using tape. Using both Ultra Hold adhesive on skin and Ultra Hold tape on perimeter of the hair system about 3 to 4 weeks hold.

Tape appears as white but actually has a matte finish, delivering a NON-SHINNING effectStrong hold. No need to also use liquid adhesive with tape to your front hair line but its Ok if you choose to do so. Will hold down safely for about 10 to 14 days without using any adhesive.

Very easy to clean up using just about any adhesive remover like C-22 or Lace Release Will lift very easy keeping your lace mesh safe from any tears.

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