A: Contour Strips-White Hairpiece Tape (3M Clear)

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1 - 2 Day Hold

36 Pieces per.Pack "A" Contour. Good for the front of a hairpiece. (Can be cut to fit where you need it)

3M Clear 1522 Medical Grade adhesive tape is designed for daily wear and is for use on polyurethane bases, coating and tape tabs (use the stronger Lace Front Support Blue Liner for lace or extended wear). This 3M tape is clear, double sided and has medium tack for medium security and daily wear use; it has a white backing on both sides to differentiate it from other tapes. It provides daily wear security and ease of maintenance. Tapes measure approx. 3" wide and 1" high.

Directions and Recommendations: Remove one side of tape backing and adhere to base of hair system; tape can be cut to manually adjust the contour for deeper recession or curve. This is medical grade tape, but for sensitive skin and to increase adhesion time on oily skin and in hot, humid weather, first wipe skin with Isopropyl alcohol, let dry then apply Scalp Protector where tape or adhesive will be applied, let dry then apply tape or glue. Save time on clean up by stacking tape; instead of removing from tape from system daily, remove only from scalp and apply a new tape over existing tape then reattach to head. We recommend no more than 3 pieces of tape be stacked before removal from base. Use C-22 Citrus-Solvent to release tape from base or tape tabs and also apply C-22 as directed to remove adhesive residue from scalp and hair systems.

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