Lace Front Support Tape Blue Liner 7 Mil 1x108 Roll

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Lace Front Support Tape Blue Liner 7 Mil 1'x 108' Roll. Hairpiece, Hair replacement, Hair System, Hair Unit, Toupee, All Lace and Lace Front Tape


Strong Hold for Lace and Extended Wear and Swimming 1 - 2 Week Hold Lace Front Support Tape Blue Liner 7 Mil 1'x 108' Roll. Hair System Tape

Lace Front Support "Blue Liner" adhesive tape provides a strong hold for lace front or full lace wigs or hair systems with up to 2 weeks of hold time. Blue liner tapes are clear, double sided and high tack for secure hold and are great for swimming; they have a blue backing and lettering to differentiate them from other tapes. Much stronger than the daily wear tape they do require more maintenance during clean up.

Directions and Recommendations: Remove blue side of tape backing and adhere to base of hair system; tape can be cut to manually adjust the contour for deeper recession or curve. These are medical grade tapes and should not cause irritation, but for sensitive skin and to increase adhesion time on oily skin and in hot, humid weather, first wipe skin with alcohol, let dry and apply Scalp Protector and let dry before applying tape or adhesive.

Removal: Use Lace Release for lace / monofilament bases to release the tape from unit and use C-22 Citrus Solvent to clean adhesive residue from scalp and hair replacement, toupee, hairpiece, wig or hair system.

Attachment time varies from one individual to another, the more oily the skin the shorter the hold time... Scalp Protector can help with this; individual results will vary.

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